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Why don’t you love me Jenny?
I’m not a smart person, but I know what love is…

– Forrest Gump

Almost everybody hate her in this classic scene from the movie Forrest Gump. In spite of this soft aprroach, Jeny rejected Forrest.

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Jenny Curran and Forrest Gump are friends from childhood. But our IQ-75 hero Forrest always loved her. Though his love is real than any normal man, Jenny always leaves him behind.

But why Jenny? We’re always felt pity for our boy and hated Jenny. They can be together for a long time if Jenny accepts him. We all were disappointed.

But if you see her closely, over time, you’ll develop a fondness for Jenny. The initial disgust was gone long ago. You could feel her pain, all of her fears.

Jenny is a girl who grew up in a world without love. No mother. Oppressed by her father. Little Jenny prayed to the Creator to make her a bird so that she could fly far away from her world.

Jenny has had this traumatic childhood for the rest of her life. Her lifestyle, her drug addiction, her sex life – everything had the imprint of those miserable memories of childhood. Jenny never saw love, she never believed she could love anyone. What Jenny was doing was jumping from the boiling pot to the burning oven. Going from one hell to another, but the pain doesn’t go away.

Jenny had only one friend in her life, her closest man, Forrest. The same goes for mentally handicapped Forrest. Jenny extended her hand to him. But pretending not to see his love.

At first, it seemed that this girl did not deserve Forrest’s love. Later it seemed that this was not the case. Jenny was rather trying to get Forrest out of her troubles. She escaped from Forrest to save Forrest.

Totally messed up with her life, Jenny didn’t want to integrate Forrest into that life. That’s why she has repeatedly rejected Forrest’s love. Countless people in this world are afraid to love, do not consider themselves worthy of love, Jenny was one such person.

Jenny always thought, she doesn’t deserve Forrest, Forrest deserves someone better- someone, who isn’t messy like her. But Jenny didn’t know that there was only one person in this world who understood Forrest, except for his mother, and loved him – that was Jenny.

If we talk more about Jenny, it will be spoiler. Watch the movie instead. You will fall in love with a sad girl- though the movie is not her.

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