7 Surprising Forrest Gump Movie Facts!3 min read

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Everyone loves the movie ‘Forrest Gump‘. Almost all of us have watched this film more than once. Especially for Tom Hank’s performance as low IQ running guy Forrest Gump. But there are some tickling Forrest Gump movie facts. How many of them do you know?

Check Yourself Forrest Gump Movie Trivias-

1. Forrest Blinked Everywhere

Forrest Gump Blinked in Camera

Throughout the movie, we see many still pictures of Forrest. But did you notice that Every still photo of Forrest Gump is with his eyes closed?

2. Tom Hank’s Daughter!

Forrest Gump Daughter

Maybe it’s just a passing shot, but it was his daughter in a scene. She (Tom Hanks’s daughter Elizabeth Hanks) is on the school bus when young Forrest (Tom Hanks) gets up for his first day at school. And she refused to let Forrest sit beside her.

3. Tom Hanks Was Not Paid for Forrest Gump!

Instead, he took a percentage of the film’s earning, which eventually netted him $40 million.

Pretty smart our Forrest, hm?

4. Tom Hanks Was Not The First Choice as Forrest Character

Hom Hanks alternative in Forrest Gump

Do you know it was very possible not to see Tom Hanks as Forrest Gump in the screen? Only if Bill MurrayJohn Travolta, or Chevy Chase didn’t turn down the role.

5. One of The Best Dialogue

“Mama always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”

All we love this remark from the movie along with many catchy Forrest Gump quotes. And this particular dialogue from Forrest Gump was declared as the #40 movie quote by the American Film Institute’s 100 top dialogues.

6. Buba-Gump Shrimp Business

Bubba Gump Shrimp is real

Do you forget about Buba- Forrest’s friend who always told him about the shrimp business he want to start? And fixed the name ‘Bubba Gump’? Well, ‘Bubba Gump’ is now a themed restaurant in 33 locations around the world.

Want to visit sometimes?

7. Forrest Gump Part II?

Forrest Gump part 2

Forrest Gump movie was made from a 1986 novel by writer Winston Groom.

Following the impressive run of the movie, Winston Groom wrote a sequel novel ‘Gump & Co’ in 1995. But at the time, Tom Hanks denied working in any sequel.

Otherwise, we could get another Forrest Gump sequel cinema by the time.

Hope you are glad to know these Forrest Gump movie facts. Fore more trivia and facts explore filmnfiction.com.

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