Following: Christopher Nolan’s First Impression When Nobody Knew Him4 min read

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‘Following’ is Christopher Nolan‘s first movie with an only $6,000 budget. Mr. Nolan has shown in this movie how to make a great thriller even on a cheap budget. Along with writing, directing, and shooting the film, he also helped in editing and production.

The Story

Bill wants to be a writer who writes a novel of a different kind of that will make a fuss. But if you want to write something like that, you want to perceive such an exciting story first. However, Bill is an unemployed young man who roams the streets of London. Where will he get such a story and character?

The answer is on the streets of London! Every day thousands of exceptional characters walk this street. Bill decides to follow them. He randomly follows any man while walking down the street.

While doing this, he made some rules for himself to avoid problems. One is that he doesn’t follow someone for more than one day. But once he follows on a well-groomed handsome man in a dark suit, he breaks this rule and gets into trouble.

The man in the suit, named Cobb, having noticed that he is being followed. He faces our young writer and introduces himself. Cobb reveals that he is a serial burglar. and invites Bill to go with him on different housebreakings.

  • Following (2003) Movie Scene by Cristopher Nolan
  • Following (2003) Movie Scene by Cristopher Nolan
  • Following (2003) Movie Scene by Cristopher Nolan
  • Following (2003) Movie Scene by Cristopher Nolan

Since then they have been together, break into people’s flat. And Bill falls in love with a lovely young lady- girlfriend of a gangster.

Next parts of the story? Waiting for you. Hope you’ll enjoy this non-linear b&w feature film directed by young Christopher Nolan. Welcome to Mr. Nolan’s world.

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