Fight Club Movie: A Film Against The Fake World10 min read

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Going to work from home and coming home from work, chasing by the advertisements, owning a credit card, this busy life has somehow enslaved us. Weakened us. We are locked in the shackles of this life. The monotony of repeating this daily routine is nothing but a waste of this lifetime and we made them our goals and achievements. Our life is programmed and controlled by the modern system of society. We need a ground zero. 

The big multinational companies are designing our psychology, manipulating us on a regular basis as their conformity to business profit. You are thinking it’s your choice but is it? 

We need a ground zero.

Project Mayhem

A cult against a cult

What if you have a plan to bring all this sanity to point zero? Would you execute it? What would you name for this project? Tyler named it ‘Project Mayhem’.

Tyler calls for the dedicated members of the fight club and starts Project Mayhem and sets up the rule that “You Do not ask questions” just like “you do not talk about fight club”.

Project Mayhem starts with the goal of destroying all the credit card companies including their Headquarters and the TRW building. Now, you may ask- why credit card companies.

This goal comes from the frustration, a desire to be free from the materialism. You are being projected by the products you own. Your apartment got blew up, you said, “That was not just a bunch of stuff that got destroyed, It was Me!.” That’s where Tyler had problems. Tyler wanted to destroy the money that gave structure to a man’s life. He wanted to break the chains of materialism by giving this story a revolution. Tyler is now about to give us ground zero. Complete chaos. But will it happen?

Welcome to the Fight Club.

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