Fight Club Movie: A Film Against The Fake World10 min read

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Today we are not here to talk about the Fight Club movie as we do not have the permission to talk about it. However, we are here to talk about Project Mayhem.

What if you can ruin all the biggest companies that have made you a slave first and then a product?

Sit tight before watching this movie. Your mind will about to fall into a bending machine and you are about to witness some real trouble here. But above all my dear, you are about to meet ‘Tyler Durden’.

You just saw our protagonist with a gun barrel between his teeth not wanting to swallow some lead salad!

Wait that was not the beginning. Our story begins with an employee whose job is to ‘recall insurance’ for a Major Multinationatinal Car Company with a sizable payroll and who could not sleep for six months! Yes, Insomnia, you guessed that right.

He was a “prosperous” worker of a ‘superior’ car firm. He was a ‘bright’ man. He was addicted to IKEA, Calvin Klein, DKNY, GUCCI, etc. brands. He addicted to also tv’s, advertisements and other ‘needs’ of contemporary life. Alone in his life, his only goal is to buy the things he doesn’t need. Getting a good deal with a combo offer was the biggest achievement of any of his regular days…

His only goal is to buy the things he doesn’t need

Suggested by his doctor, he visits different support groups where he meets other depressed dying people who share their stories of how they are being neglected by their closest ones.

He visits different support groups of depressed dying people

Though at first, it gave him cringe but at the ‘hug n cry’ session our narrator of the Fight Club movie could not help but cry a lot. Later that night, after six months, he slept like a baby. Slowly and slowly he became addicted to these support groups.

Fight Club Love GIF by Cheezburger

When everything is going loud n clear something always has to go wrong. In this part of our story, you will meet Marla Singer. The big tourist with the dark wayfarer sunglasses on her eyes and cigarette in her lips, disguising as your power animal telling you to ‘slide’!

Marla’s philosophy of life is that she might die at any moment. The tragedy, she said, was she didn’t.

In Fight Club movie, the narrator of our story is now waking up in different places thinking about how the hell on the earth did he just get here. Praying for a plane crash on every flight hoping that one day it might just come true. Then one day the storyteller of our story meets the most exciting single-serving friend of his life- Tyler Durden.

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Tyler Durden

Tyler. Who make and sell soap for a living. Tyler is the person who knows why they put oxygen masks on the plane, how to make napalm with frozen orange juice. Interesting conversations on the plane gave them a chance to exchange their cards and say goodbye.

Moreover, on that night after reaching his residence building, our narrator founds his apartment on fire and the furniture in it were sailing flames into the night.

Who would he call now? Marla Singer? No, our narrator called Tyler Durden cause right now all he needs is a place to stay. They meet up at a bar. Had pinches of beer while Tyler projects his thoughts about this modern materialistic society.

Tyler has clear thoughts about this modern materialistic society

After this event, we can see how Tyler and our narrator became friends. How they live together in a dump house. How Tyler bends our Multinational Car Company employee with his directions and turns him into his partner in crimes. Eventually, they create a club and name it the “Fight Club”, set up some absurd rules where the depressed people like them come to express their deepest feeling- anger.

The fight club was Tyler’s idea. Behind the idea, there was something more that was kicking inside his head.

What is Ground Zero?

A complete chaos

Forget about the Fight Club movie. Look at the people around you. What you will see most would be some people with their insane act of moralism, ready to fall into the basement of their bucket list- which is filled up with brand materials and eager to show themself credible.

Did you enjoy it?

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