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We wanted to know from the movie lovers of a Facebook group about their favorite movie synopsis like IMDb– but in the most monotonous way as possible. And we got tremendous shouts from people all over the world.

Darling Movies, Tiring Storylines

This is a list of all classy movies, but with most passionless movie synopsis-

(Click on the storylines to unveil the movie name)

Man gets stuck at the airport. Gets through a few months later
The Terminal
Drugs. Television. Addiction. Son is an addict. His mother, friend, and girlfriend are also addicts.
Requiem for a Dream
Two dudes sell a diamond.
Blood diamond
He falls in love with computer.
A director try to direct the world into a play.
Synecdoche, New York
Sorry! Can't be told.
Fight club
A woman dreams half of the movie and half of the things she saw aren't real.
Mulholland drive
A low IQ guy that keeps on running.
Forrest Gump
A janitor writes something on the wall.
Good will hunting
Two soldiers going in the frontline to give a letter to an officer.
A man owns an isolated motel and loves his mum so much.
A guy saves some people from the holocaust by making them work in factories.
Schindler’s List
Four friends do lots of shit and often drink milk in the milk bar.
Clockwork Órange
Girl erased the guy from her memory. The guy also did the same.
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
All members of the family work in one house. They pretend they are not related to each other. Also, there’s some delicious noodles.
People fight. A guy plays imaginary piano.
The Pianist
Mom keeps divorcing guys and the son moves out from the house to go to college
The Boyhood
A guy walking around Paris at midnight.
Midnight in Paris
They kept arguing for hours to prove guilty or not guilty of the teenage boy.
12 Angry Man
A psychiatrist is very passionate about cooking.
The Silence of the lambs

It was total fun and lots of movies are left untouched How many you did recognize from this type of favorite film synopsis list? Share your favorite one with us in the comment section. We have a plan to grow this as a series with our favorite cinemas.

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